Other Videos & Webinars

AST produces a wide variety of online educational videos and webinars in addition to the Timely Topics in Transplantation (T3) and AST/AJT Journal Club series. These include:

  1. Full educational webinar series,
  2. Meeting videos,
  3. Individual webinars sponsored by AST and its Communities of Practice.


1) Additional AST educational webinar series:

The collaborative webinar series on "A.I. & Transplantation" was developed by AST's Transplant Administration and Quality Management Community of Practice (TxAQM COP) and Thoracic and Critical Care Community of Practice (TCC COP), with support from the AST Education Committee. This ongoing series starts with the basics of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and transplantation and moves to the applications of A.I. to the various solid organ and other transplant specialties.


The "Transplant Administration Foundations Course" course was developed by the AST's Transplant Administration and Quality Management Community of Practice (TxAQM COP) as a series of coordinated live webinars for professionals in the field of Transplant Administration. The Foundations Course features a series of videos covering a variety of topics for the transplant administration profession, including sessions on cost reporting, contracting for transplant, and program infrastructure.


The two-part "Transitioning from Fellowship to Faculty – Tips and Tricks from the Experts" webinar series, created by the AST Trainee and Young Faculty COP with support from the AST Fellows Planning Committee and AST Education Committee, is designed to assist fellows and early career transplant professionals with navigating the entire job hunting process: from the initial job search, through to interviewing, and finally to contract negotiation.


The "VCA for the Transplant Community - The Need and the Achieved (Debunking the Myths)" webinar series, designed by the AST VCA Advisory Council (VCA AC), is designed to broaden the interdisciplinary interaction between those involved in VCA and those involved in non VCA transplantation. The objective of this series is to share with the wider transplant community, through the AST membership and beyond, the current unmet needs that VCA aims to address.


In September 2021, the Sensitization in Transplantation: Assessment of Risk (STAR) working group invited AST and ASHI members to join a two-day webinar event titled, "STAR Working Group: 2022 Reports & Planning." STAR presenters reported on the working group's latest projects and attendees were encouraged to share their questions and feedback as the group planned for a pre-meeting event at AST's Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT) 2022 meeting.


The nine-part "Independent Living Donor Advocate (ILDA)" series is targeted to Independent Living Donor Advocates (ILDAs) and transplant managers, but many transplant professionals will find this information valuable given the documented differences in practice, confusion about requirements, and dearth of available training materials. Viewers will learn to understand the ILDA role and regulatory requirements, describe the specifics of ILDA role implementation and compliance, and more!



2) AST meetings videos available for purchase:




3) Individual webinars sponsored by AST and its Communities of Practice:

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