Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP)

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2022-2023 Executive Committee

Chair:  Krista Lentine (2024)
Co-Chair: AnnMarie Liapakis (2024)
Board Liaison: Vineeta Kumar (2023)
Mita Shah (2023)
Neetika Garg (2023)
Gaurav Agarwal (2023)
Therese Bittermann (2024)
Swee Ling Levea (2024)
Christina Irene Mejia (2023)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

LDCOP Educational Resources

The LDCOP is committed to providing quality educational resources for both professionals and patients. Please visit the "LDCOP Educational Resources" page to learn more about the LDCOP's toolkits, webinars, educational resources, and ongoing workgroups.

2022-2023 Initiatives

  • List current workgroups
    • Education and Website Subcommittee
    • Financial Workgroup
    • Genetics Workgroup
    • KPD Workgroup 
    • Mental Health Workgroup
    • Telemedicine Workgroup
    • Public Policy Workgroup
    • Multimedia Workgroup
    • Kidney Donor Toolkit Workgroup
  • New works groups
    • GFR
  • Continue to submit ATC program proposal and suggestions for T3 webinars.
  • Focus on multi-COP collaboration.
  • Disseminated findings of AST Living Liver Donor Consensus Conference
    • Complete manuscripts in preparation.
    • Develop program proposals or other mechanisms for sharing.
  • Develop manuscripts describing workgroup projects (eg, surveys: multiple are in development or journal review stage).
  • Propose expansion of Living Donor Toolkits to include materials to assist waitlist candidates in sharing their need for a living donor; aim to engage collaboration with Patient Advisory Council.
  • Deliver at leadt 1 AST-wide and LDCOP Journal Club per year.
  • Solicit member ideas for T3 and ATC program proposals, under leadership of Education workgroup.
  • Provide Trainee/Early Career Travel Grants
    • Maintain appropriate criteria and transparent scoring / selection for the award, wide sharing of the opportunity with the LDCOP, and recognition at the Annual Meeting
  • Maintain active engagement on Hub & LDCOP Twitter
  • Conduct ATC Program proposals and T3 program proposal surveys
  • AST Donation Derby engagement
  • Engage members to participate in active Workgroups
  • Share about membership opportunities on the Hub, twitter and at Annual meeting
  • Continue to hold COP meet and greet at the annual Fall AST Fellows Symposium
  • Provide progress reports to the Board and during annual President’s leadership call
  • Share Updates on key initiatives and progress on the Hub and vis Twitter posts
  • Perform AST Member spotlights
  • Partner with  the Circle of Excellence Board to stay current with progress and ways to share (eg, in LDCOP Financial Toolkit)
  • Seek to form relationships with Patient Advisory Councils
  • Develop a robust relationship of new LDCOP Policy workgroup with AST Public Policy Committee on key initiative in living donation
  • Continue to nominate LDCOP members for AST Awards and Board service