Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP)

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2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair:  Krista Lentine (2022)
Co-Chair: AnnMarie Liapakis (2022)
Past Chair: Christie Thomas (2022)
Board Liaison: Vineeta Kumar (2022)
Mona Doshi (2022)
Gaurav Agarwal (2023)
Neetika Garg (2023)
Mita Shah (2023)
Reem Daloul (2022)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

LDCOP Educational Resources

The LDCOP is committed to providing quality educational resources for both professionals and patients. Please visit the "LDCOP Educational Resources" page to learn more about the LDCOP's toolkits, webinars, educational resources, and ongoing workgroups.

2021-2022 Initiatives

  • List current workgroups
    • Education and Website Subcommittee
    • Finances Workgroup
    • International Donor Workgroup
    • Living Liver Donor Toolkit
    • KPD
    • Mental Health Workgroup
    • Telemedicine Workgroup
  • New works groups
    • Multimedia
    • Kidney Tool kit
    • Rest to be determined after our annual meeting
  • Continue to submit ATC program proposal and ideas for T3 webinars
  • Surveys underway in the various workgroup projects that we will convert into manuscripts
  • At least one and more AST wide and LDCOP Journal Club per year
  • AST Living Liver Donor Consensus Conference 
  • T3, Program proposal survey and member area of expertise survey posted in Early May 2021
  • Journal club article repository
  • We will continue the tradition to nominate LD COP members  for AST awards and Board nominations
  • AST Donation Derby engagement, ATC Program proposals
  • T3, Program proposal survey and member area of expertise survey posted in Early May 2021
  • Active HUB engagement
  • Invite nondoctoral members institutions
  • Share progress report. ATC 2021 programs as a start
  • Periodic HUB posts from EC members and chair, co-chair
  • AST Member spotlight initiatives
  • Twitter posts