Transplant Diagnostic Community of Practice (TxDx COP)

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2023-2024 Executive Committee

Chair: Evan Farkash (2024)
Co-Chair: Kristina Davis (2024)
Past Chair: Laurine Bow (2024)
Board Liaison: Raymond Razonable (2024)
Luis Hidalgo (2024)
Eszter Lazar-Molnar (2024)
Rebecca Kumar (2025)
Shana Coley (2025)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Loren Gragert (2024)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

2022-2023 Initiatives

  • Annual business meeting will be an open forum designed to solicit input from the COP on meaningful initiatives.  The composition of members for each of the 3 current workgroups will be reviewed and renewed yearly.
  • Submit T3 proposal topics.
  • Submit ATC program proposals.
  • Begin thinking about controversies conference topics for upcoming 2023 cycle.
  • Continue organizing TxDx COP journal clubs and webinars.
  • Explore other formats for webinars, such as CPC format.
  • Incorporate feedback from Board Liaison on initiatives of importance to AST to inform initiatives specific to transplant diagnostics.
  • Continue to survey the membership for interests and needs.
  • 2022 Annual Top Ten Reads for TxDx posted on Hub. Recordings will be made available to members on the Hub. 
  • Nominate TxDx COP members for the board and leadership positions.  
  • TxDx COP Hub posts and Twitter will be used to engage members to join working groups.
  • Explore development of collaborative research group interested in multicenter research in diagnostic tools, development, and review of protocols intended to measure clinical validity of markers currently being studied and used
  • The annual meeting at ATC will be used to engage involvement from members on projects and initiatives. 
  • Explore opportunities for cross-pollination or joint meetings with other societies such as CST and BANFF.
  • Engage in outreach with other professional societies  (e.g. CAP, USCAP, ASN).  Propose transplant related sessions at non-AST/ASTS conferences.
  • TxDx COP monthly EC calls with Board Liaison, COP Hub posts, and COP Twitter posts.
  • Institute a quarterly EC update on the HUB.