Infectious Disease Community of Practice (IDCOP)

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2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair: Aruna Subramanian (2024)
Past Chair: Lara Danziger-Isakov (2022)
Board Liaison: Deepali Kumar (2022)
Maheen Abidi (2023)
Saima Aslam (2023)
Joanna Schaenman (2023)
Maricar Malinis (2022)
Sarah Taimur (2022)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Olivia Kates (2022)

AST Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Mission Statement (revised March 2022)

The mission of the AST ID COP is to lead the Transplant Infectious Diseases community by fostering academic collaboration, developing clinical guidance and educational materials, promoting diversity and inclusion in the field, and mentoring the future leaders in transplantation.

2021-2022 Initiatives

  • Continue ID COP specific mentoring program.
  • Complete & submit the CRE SOT project manuscripts.
  • Complete the MDR Pseudomonas lung transplant manuscript.
  • Complete manuscript for the daptomycin non-susceptible VRE SOT project.
  • Complete the MRSA LVAD infection data collection and initiate manuscript preparation.
  • Initiate MDRGNB LVAD site recruitment and data collection.
  • Publish HIV thoracic transplant project.
  • ASP Working group – complete white paper, organize Delphi Group.
  • Quality Improvement working group – first report back on LEAN immunization project survey.
  • Pediatric Working Group – CMV infant study data entry, push out all learning modules, vaccine hesitancy report, Peds ID journal club monthly
  • ID Library Workgroup – monitor use & update content.
  • Education workgroup to disseminate survey, provide updated ideas for ATC 2022.
  • Will recommend webinar proposals for the 2021-22 cycle.
  • Submit suggestions for Journal Club.
  • Continue development of multidisciplinary SOT antimicrobial stewardship task force and Delphi consensus.
  • Continue development of QI opportunities.
  • Provide responses for AST regarding UNOS Public Comment documents and other requests (ACBTSA).
  • Continue to update COVID-19 documents and participate in COVID-19 town halls/webinars.
  • Work with Education Committee to supply suggestions for Journal clubs, Webinars and Transplant in 10 videos.
  • Will plan initiatives based on recent needs assessment.
  • Work with Education Committee on updating Comprehensive Trainee Education.
  • EC will continue to develop website resources for COP membership including article of the month and updating research and educational project page.
  • Continue to maintain
  • EC will continue to nominate members for AST Board, ID COP EC, and other leadership positions and awards on an annual basis.
  • Network and collaboration will be encouraged via website/Hub and annual meetings.
  • Open call for new initiatives at the ATC 2022 meeting
  • Joint reception at ID Week 2022 (if occurring) will be a vehicle to recruit COP and AST membership, followed by active recruiting of participants following the meeting by members of the ID COP EC
  • Welcome emails to all new ID COP members to continue
  • Chair will continue updates to COP membership via newsletter 3 times per year with intermittent announcements via HUB
  • Chair will continue to provide regular updates to the Board


The AST IDCOP has compiled a list of ID-related Fellowship Training Opportunities, updated yearly, for the benefit of its members. If you would like to browse the available opportunities or post a clinical or research position for physicians-in-training, please visit the "Fellowship Training Opportunities In Transplant Infectious Diseases" page on the AST website for more information.