Infectious Disease Community of Practice (IDCOP)

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2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair: Nicole Theodoropoulos (2022)
Co-Chair: Aruna Subramanian (2022)
Past Chair: Lara Danziger-Isakov (2022)
Board Liaison: Deepali Kumar (2022)
Maheen Abidi (2023)
Saima Aslam (2023)
Joanna Schaenman (2023)
Maricar Malinis (2022)
Sarah Taimur (2022)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Olivia Kates (2022)

AST Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

2021-2022 Initiatives

  • Continue ID COP specific mentoring program.
  • Complete & submit the CRE SOT project manuscripts.
  • Complete the MDR Pseudomonas lung transplant manuscript.
  • Complete manuscript for the daptomycin non-susceptible VRE SOT project.
  • Complete the MRSA LVAD infection data collection and initiate manuscript preparation.
  • Initiate MDRGNB LVAD site recruitment and data collection.
  • Publish HIV thoracic transplant project.
  • ASP Working group – complete white paper, organize Delphi Group.
  • Quality Improvement working group – first report back on LEAN immunization project survey.
  • Pediatric Working Group – CMV infant study data entry, push out all learning modules, vaccine hesitancy report, Peds ID journal club monthly
  • ID Library Workgroup – monitor use & update content.
  • Education workgroup to disseminate survey, provide updated ideas for ATC 2022.
  • Will recommend webinar proposals for the 2021-22 cycle.
  • Submit suggestions for Journal Club.
  • Continue development of multidisciplinary SOT antimicrobial stewardship task force and Delphi consensus.
  • Continue development of QI opportunities.
  • Provide responses for AST regarding UNOS Public Comment documents and other requests (ACBTSA).
  • Continue to update COVID-19 documents and participate in COVID-19 town halls/webinars.
  • Work with Education Committee to supply suggestions for Journal clubs, Webinars and Transplant in 10 videos.
  • Will plan initiatives based on recent needs assessment.
  • Work with Education Committee on updating Comprehensive Trainee Education.
  • EC will continue to develop website resources for COP membership including article of the month and updating research and educational project page.
  • Continue to maintain
  • EC will continue to nominate members for AST Board, ID COP EC, and other leadership positions and awards on an annual basis.
  • Network and collaboration will be encouraged via website/Hub and annual meetings.
  • Open call for new initiatives at the ATC 2022 meeting
  • Joint reception at ID Week 2022 (if occurring) will be a vehicle to recruit COP and AST membership, followed by active recruiting of participants following the meeting by members of the ID COP EC
  • Welcome emails to all new ID COP members to continue
  • Chair will continue updates to COP membership via newsletter 3 times per year with intermittent announcements via HUB
  • Chair will continue to provide regular updates to the Board


The AST IDCOP has compiled a list of ID-related Fellowship Training Opportunities, updated yearly, for the benefit of its members. If you would like to browse the available opportunities or post a clinical or research position for physicians-in-training, please visit the "Fellowship Training Opportunities In Transplant Infectious Diseases" page on the AST website for more information.