Liver and Intestinal Community of Practice (LICOP)

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2023-2024 Executive Committee

Chair: Anjana Pillai (2024)
Co-Chair: Maria Cristina Segovia (2024)
Past Chair: Lisa VanWagner (2024)
Board Liaison: David Foley (2024)
Marina Serper (2024)
Deepika Devuni (2025)
Tzu-Hao (Howard) Lee (2025)
Early Career: Adam Winters (2024)
Staff Liaison: Raffaella Troiano (


2023-2024 Activities

  • Promote research to improve patient care and advance the field of liver and intestinal adult and pediatric transplantation through the LICOP Grant Program.
  • Explore expanding capacity for pediatric living donor liver transplant in the U.S.
  • Examine receiving adolescent patients: Transition of Care guide for adult hepatologists. 
  • Submit a minimum of 5 program proposals for ATC 2024 (with at least 2 co-sponsored with other COPs).
  • Develop ideas for white papers that serves the interested of the LICOP and AST at large related to liver and/or intestinal transplantation. 
  • Use social media to educate, promote, and engage the transplant liver and intestinal workforce.
  • Create opportunities to expand the engagement of LICOP members within the LICOP Subcommittees. 
  • Host a LICOP Controversies Conference in 2024. 
  • Continue to develop educational offerings and resources for the field of liver and intestinal transplantation.
  • Conduct original research projects that address unanswered questions in liver and/or intestinal transplantation. 
  • Survey LICOP members for response to UNOS policies for public comment and develop a comprehensive response.
  • Design intestine and multivesicular transplant-specific programmatic planning for ATC 2024.
  • Work on operationalizing multicenter IRB. 
  • Produce manuscript for national surveys regarding immunosuppression practices and new project regarding quantification of morbidity on TPN. 
  • Development program material for ATC specific to ethical issue in liver transplant.
  • Host an in-person LICOP Education Subcommittee meeting at AASLD Liver Meeting 2023. 
  • Foster professional development of trainee/junior faculty through the LICOP Mentoring Program. 
  • Offer 3 LICOP Travel Grants to ATC 2024.
  • Highlight LICOP members for their contributions through AST nominations.