Living Donor Provider Toolkits

The Living Donor Medical Provider Toolkits were created as a resource for medical professionals to better inform their practices and approaches regarding living donation. The Medical Providers chapters are split into two sections: living kidney donation and living liver donation. These chapters were created as a companion to the toolkits that are specifically designed for patients: The Living Donor Financial Toolkit and the Living Donor Medical Impact Toolkit for Patients.

The AST's Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP), with the support of eleven other organizations, convened a Best Practices in Living Donation Consensus Conference in 2014. This conference, focusing on living kidney donation, was composed of a diverse group of transplant professionals, people with ESRD, and living donors. A high-priority recommendation stemming from this meeting was the creation of a centralized, neutral, high-quality living kidney donor educational toolkit for those considering living kidney donation.

In 2018, following this consensus conference, an engaged group of transplant experts in LDCOP published educational chapters on living kidney donation aimed at patients and professionals.

Because of the far-reaching impact of the kidney-focused toolkits, the LDCOP expanded the toolkits to include living liver donation. The Medical Providers chapters were published in Summer 2021, with the patient chapters to follow.

For Patients: Living Donor Toolkits

For those considering living donation, the AST has designed a centralized, neutral living donor educational Financial and Medical Toolkits. The toolkits contain information about living kidney donation with living liver donation resources to follow.

These resources are meant to: (1) improve the availability and delivery of quality education for those already considering living donation; (2), broaden living donation messaging to reach others, who might consider living donation if they knew more about it; and (3) reduce ‘recreating the wheel’ in educational content development across transplant centers.

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Live donor medical toolkits

Living Kidney Donor Medical Toolkit Authors and Editors:

Dianne LaPointe Rudow
ANP-BC, DNP, CCTC (Mount Sinai Medical Center) (Project Developer)

Rebecca Hays
APSW (University of Wisconsin) (Project Developer)

David Serur
MD (New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell) (Toolkit Co-Chair)

Kathy Schwab
RN, BSN, CCTC (Mayo Clinic) (Toolkit Co-Chair)

Kimberly Ainsley
LCSW (Ohio State)

Marian Charlton
SRN, RN (New York Presbyterian Hospital)

Mary Amanda Dew
PH.D. (University of Pittsburgh)

Rich Formica
MD (Yale University)

Elisa Gordon
PH.D., MPH (Northwestern University)

Choli Hartono
MD (New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell)

Krista Lentine
MD (Saint Louis University Medical Center)

Didier A. Mandelbrot
MD (UW Health)

Kenneth Newell
MD (Emory University)

Dana Parker
LCSW (U of Colorado)

Todd Pesavento
MD (Ohio State University)

James Rodrigue
PH.D. (Beth Israel)

Dorry Segev
MD (Johns Hopkins)

Sandra Taler
MD (Mayo Clinic)

Jane Tan 
MD, PH.D. (Stanford University Medical Center)

Roxanne Tayolor
RN, MSN (Maine Transplant Program)

Erica Thomas
RN (MT. Sinai)

Margaret Vandrovec
LICSW, MSW (Mayo Clinic)

Rebecca Wallschlaeger
RD (U Wisconsin)

E. Steve Woodle
MD (U OF Cincinnati)

Living Liver Donor Medical Toolkit Authors and Editors:

Benjamin Samstein (Toolkit Co-Chair)
MD (Weill Cornell Medicine) 

Dianne LaPointe Rudow (Toolkit Co-Chair)
ANP-BC, DNP, CCTC (Mount Sinai Medical Center)

Neehar Parikh
MD, MS (University of Michigan Health)

Talia B. Baker
MD (University of Chicago Medicine)

Tarunjeet Klair
MD (UT Health San Antonio) 

Erica Thomas
MS, RN (Mount Sinai Medical Center)

Andrea DiMartini
MD (University of Pittsburgh)

Akhil Shenoy
MD, MPH (Columbia University Irving Medical Center)

AnnMarie Liapakis
MD (Yale University)

Vineeta Kumar
MD (University of Alabama Medicine) 

Matthew R. Kappus
MD (Duke University Hospital)

Jawad Ahmad
MD (Mount Sinai Medical Center)

Whitney E. Jackson
MD (UC Health)

Kendra Conzen
MD (UC Health)

David Goldberg
MD, MSCE (Miller School of Medicine)

Sonia Scott
LMSW (New York Presbyterian Hospital)

Kara Ventura
DNP (Yale New Haven Transplantation Center)

Elisa Gordon
PhD, MPH (Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

Rebecca Hays
MSW (UW Health)

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