Thoracic and Critical Care Community (COP)

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2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair: Shelley Hall (2022)
Co-Chair: Deborah Levine (2022)
Past Chair: Jon Kobashigawa (2022)
Board Liaison: Sean Pinney (2022)
Todd Grazia (2022)
Jignesh Patel (2023)
Norihisa Shigemura (2023)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Lorenzo Zaffiri (2022)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

2021-2022 Initiatives

  • Continue to work on the journal watch and case/question presentations on the HUB.
  • Continue Cardiopulmonary Shock Workgroup.
  • Continue Critical Care Workgroup.
  • Launch the Heart-Liver Conference 
  • Submit thoracic focused proposals for ATC 2022
  • Continue to submit proposals for the AST Journal Club 
  • Attempt to increase thoracic content in the Fellows Course
  • Cardiopulmonary Shock Workgroup working on a white paper regarding the management of cardiogenic shock patients with COVID
  • Continued active involvement with the board
  • Continue to focus on Donation Derby.
  • Will continue to nominate members to the AST Board and other leadership positions
  • Continue to build on the Mentor/Mentee Program
  • Continue to expand the social media presence of our COP
  • Chair to work on quarterly summaries of EC activities posted on the HUB 
  • Continue with regular HUB posts and requests